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Softline Completes First SAM Project in Vietnam


Softline is proud to announce the successful completion of the first software asset management project involving an integrated analysis Microsoft software usage at Vitranschart (Vietnam). The project team inventoried the company's software assets and analyzed the status of available licenses. The team formulated a Microsoft software procurement plan tailored to the specifics of the IT infrastructure that will maximize licensing compliance.

Vitranschart (Vietnam) specializes in maritime shipping and cargo deliveries across the region. The company initiated the project with a view to improving the effectiveness of contracts accounting, optimizing IT costs, and ruling out potential legal and financial risks. To this end, company management decided to go ahead with a Software Asset Management (SAM) project.

Softline was chosen as the IT partner for this project on account of it having a team of professionals with all the appropriate competencies and expertise for SAM projects. Being a certified SAM partner of Microsoft, Softline offers end-to-end services geared toward improving the quality of utilization of vendor-licensed software and raising the level of licensing compliance. Softline and Vitranschart also have a long and productive history of win-win collaboration in the IT sector.

The key project objectives included:

  • Analyzing the current status of contracts for Microsoft software
  • Determining the actual number of valid licenses
  • Analyzing the current legal and licensing risks
  • Working out recommendations on ways to optimize licensing and plan procurement

The project was completed in less than two months, with a total of 70 workstations audited. Softline analyzed the client's software in Vietnam and checked the valid licenses against actual accounting records. To analyze licensing compliance, Softline used a vendor-recommended solution — Microsoft Assessment and Planning Tool (MAP). The experts used their findings to prepare a detailed report with recommendations on how to optimize software lifecycle management processes.

“It was truly a very first completed SAM project in Vietnam, therefore we cannot underestimate the value and experience we have got. Now we have good customer testimonial and we will continue helping to our customers through SAM practices. In fact now we have got more SAM projects and we want to be recognized as well-known SAM partner in Vietnam”, says Ilya Anzhiganov, Managing Director, Softline (Vietnam).

“The software asset management project solved a whole number of tasks for us. SAM implementation has simplified our financial planning practices, enabling us to revise and optimize future IT infrastructure costs. The project has made our assets more manageable and reduced our exposure to legal risks,” says Nguyen Trong Tuan, IT Director, Vitranschart.