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Development Of IT-Strategies, SAM, ITAM

Would you drive a racing car blindfolded? See what we mean! In IT, too, transparency is the basis for avoiding risks and reducing costs. But we can only control what we know.

Microsoft Solutions

Microsoft provides the following solutions: mobile solutions, the private cloud and virtualization, the public cloud, corporate email and unified communications, monitoring and management, data protection, customer service management, analytical reporting management, program and project management.


When it comes to managing a company, communication is an important and crucial part of ensuring things run smoothly. Oftentimes, things can get lost or misinterpreted along the way.

Application Development

Companies operate in a set of systems which need to be adapted to the business logic in order to have an efficient management and better results. The challenge is to develop, implement and maintain applications while ensuring access to information in a safe manner and maintaining desired levels of quality.


Virtualization is a technology that is today available for all organizations. Furthermore, lower hardware prices and the evolution of software products of virtualization have led to the democratization of this technology which, if used properly, can reduce costs and, in turn, grant more control over the infrastructure.