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IT Infrastructure Management

The rapid evolution of IT infrastructure management practices and solutions has expanded from that of solely managing firewalls and mass software installations to a wider scope, deeper insight, and more automation. By encompassing all operational components of organisations that includes policies, processes, resources, hardware and software, there is a greater effectiveness in management of data, services and applications both on-premises and in a cloud.

Our integrated solutions provide you with the flexibility in tracking, controlling and forecasting all IT components of your business. You will be able to proactively detect and resolve problems ensuring the smooth running of your business. With a greater control on fixed and operating costs you will sooner see a return on investments. Softline offers customers Microsoft Systems Center, CA Unified Infrastructure Management, HPE OneView and IBM Management Services solutions.

Datacenter Management

Datacenter Management optimizes the performance efficiency of physical and virtual assets and services providing basic datacenter management services enabling you to track and control your data center. You will be able to configure, update, and troubleshoot all components of your datacenter efficiently and flexibly.

Cloud Integration

Infrastructure Management practices and software help you in the maintenance of IT operations within cloud environments. The facilities for monitoring, automation and integration enables seamless hybrid infrastructures.

Monitor Workload and Health Services

An efficient monitoring of workload resources ensures the health of your services is in peak condition. Proactive problem resolution enables the elimination of bottlenecks and mitigation of failures before it impacts business continuity

Better Efficiency Thanks to the Routine Automation

Yes, thanks to tasks automation by the Routine Automation, the chances of human mistakes are reduced ultimately leading to better efficiencies which is a boost for higher productivity. The built-in orchestration and automation capabilities enables the management of IT services with better efficiencies.

IT Service Desk

IT Service Desk functions as a central point of contact and communications for managing internal and external customers’ issues including concerns and requests. As a single point of contact, the IT Service Desk provides efficient and quick services.

Easy to Use and Great Experience

The easy to use consoles and workflows utilising one-click features, templates and alert tuning is nothing short of a great experience!


Softline Services for IT Infrastructure Management

Consulting - We provide a wide range of consulting services. Our experts have in-depth technical knowledge and relevant end-to-end professional industry experience in the planning and implementation of IT IM solutions.

Deployment – Our deployment services ensures your IT IM system takes into account the need for resource costs reduction and alignment to business needs.

Upgrade – Solution upgrade suitable for your requirements with recommendations from Microsoft and third-party vendors.

Support –This include performance analysis, capacity and configuration management ensuring adherence to operational compliances and SLAs.  

Solution licensingWe will advise and support you on your solution licensing needs especially third-party vendor models.