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Development Of IT-Strategies, SAM, ITAM

Would you drive a racing car blindfolded? See what we mean! In IT, too, transparency is the basis for avoiding risks and reducing costs. But we can only control what we know.

Building efficient business processes that are related to software asset management. Reduction of financial expenditures on their purchasing and operation. Minimization of risks. Compliance to international standard ISO/IEC 19770-1.

SAM is the practice of effective control and software assets management from the moment of budget planning or purchase up to removal.

Basic tasks of SAM:

  • Effective business-processes building on software assets management. One of the most important events when setting the system of software assets management is effective business-processes, expressed in internal regulations, procedures, instructions describing the whole life cycle of software assets, one of the targets of which is minimization of the so-called human factor, non-admission of mistakes when managing software.
  • Financial costs reducing for buying and maintaining software assets. Adjusted wok in the SAM sphere will help to use licenses that your company possesses and buy additional licenses for software only in case of necessity. Software management in the company will exclude unnecessary expenses, redundancy and duplication of licenses, and will help to reduce costs, connected with buying and maintaining software packages. Software management will allow you to know exact quantity of licenses available for each software designation at any time. Instead of buying additional licenses in a number of cases it will be possible just to redistribute software between subunits or computers.
  • Legal risks minimization when using programs for ECM. SAM will restrict legal exposure in case of arising problems with software licensing. Achievement of necessary level and compliance with it will preserve reputation and protect from lawsuits. In this case it should be mentioned that violation of author’s rights occurs most frequently unconsciously in corporate sector. In this respect the adjusted SAM processes will allow to monitor possible violations and not to admit them in the future.

Softline advantages in software assets management:

  • availability of the top statuses in the world in Software Asset Management category;
  • experience of implementation in companies with over 5000 units on the territory of Russia, and the range of held projects on the territory of some CIS countries and far-abroad countries;
  • availability of experienced and certified specialists in Software Asset Management and IT Asset Management;
  • possibility to choose different kinds of subscriber maintenance, which comply with the tasks of the company more complete;
  • transparent accounting system.
  • In 2011 Softline company became the best in the world in Software Asset Management category in annual International competition of partnership relations of Microsoft!

Completed projects in the direction of Development Of IT-Strategies, SAM, ITAM (2)

  • Softline Performs the SAM Cybersecurity Assessment in Samaraenergo

    Softline Performs the SAM Cybersecurity Assessment in Samaraenergo

    Softline completed the SAM project dedicated to comprehensive license compliance analysis of Microsoft software installed in Samaraenergo, and assessment of the key сlient’s Cybersecurity competences. As a result, the client has received a report about the state of his IT infrastructure and recommendations on optimizing the corporate information security.

    Softline Completes First SAM Project in Vietnam

    Softline Completes First SAM Project in Vietnam

    Softline is proud to announce the successful completion of the first software asset management project involving an integrated analysis Microsoft software usage at Vitranschart (Vietnam). The project team inventoried the company's software assets and analyzed the status of available licenses. The team formulated a Microsoft software procurement plan tailored to the specifics of the IT infrastructure that will maximize licensing compliance.