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Information Security

  • Expert services
  • Information security management
  • Accompanying services
  • Implementation of Information Security practices
  • Compliance

We follow a comprehensive approach to projects in the field of information security, and divide it to three stages:

1. Analysis and assessment of corporate information security

  • Performing audit and revealing the vulnerabilities in the information system of the organization.
  • Development of corporate information security concept.

2. Implementation and centralized management of security policy and information risks in the organization.

  • Implementation of information security observance system
  • Secure corporate internet access.
  • Protection from malicious insiders and confidential information leaks (DLP solutions).
  • Protection of corporate internet portal and e-commerce websites.
  • Antivirus and anti-spam protection subsystem.
  • Solution for confidential information encapsulation and protection from unauthorized access.
  • Secure interaction with mobile employees that are out of the office.
  • Secure access of partners to corporate resources.
  • Secure interaction with clients.
  • Corporate e-mail protection and encryption.
  • Wireless network protection.
  • IP telephony protection.
  • Detection and prevention of intrusions and networking attacks to information and network resources of the enterprise.
  • Certificates and electronic signatures on the enterprise.
  • Solution for advanced (strong) user authentication in corporate networks. Smart cards.

3. Support

Efficient corporate information security management in the organization after implementation of Information Security system is impossible without adequate technical support of the solutions and timely post-project consulting. Therefore, we offer the following services within the framework of support stage:

  • Implementation of monitoring system and tools for corporate information resource utilization reporting.
  • Technical support and maintenance of information security systems.
  • Training of employee specialists .