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Microsoft Solutions

Mobile solutions

The Microsoft enterprise mobility center offers you to evaluate the usability and efficiency of Windows devices and test the capabilities of unified Microsoft platform in the Softline enterprise mobility center – WinSpace. Finding balance between freedom of communications and business process security is possible!

WinSpace enterprise mobility center offers the following services:

  • Sales of devices
  • Consulting
  • Infrastructure
  • Integration
  • Development
  • Support

WinSpace offers the following variants of cooperation:

  • Demonstration of corporate mobile device market novelties in in winspace demo center
  • Audit and customization of mobile work scenarios
  • Testing devices and typical work scenarios
  • Pilot implementation projects
  • Full-scale deployment
  • Technical support and solution development

The private cloud and virtualization

The Softline company implements Microsoft System Center and Microsoft Windows Server based infrastructure solutions, that allow building a flexible, dynamic infrastructure, reducing costs and simplifying IT infrastructure maintenance through consolidating systems and the implementation of automatic control tools.

Our specialists possess extensive experience in building powerful dynamic platforms that allow for:

  • Increased server capacity usage
  • Increased availability and agility of the business
  • Reduction of it infrastructure maintenance costs
  • Preparation of infrastructure for transition to the cloud

The public cloud

The Microsoft Office 365 suite combines “cloud” versions of popular Microsoft products:

  • Exchange Online electronic mail
  • Skype for Business Online unified communication system
  • SharePoint Online collaborational organization solution
  • Yammer corporate social network
  • Delve service for data search and management
  • Power BI solution for business intelligence
  • Office 365 Professional Plus office software suite

By using the Office 365 service, organizations benefit not only from the features and functionality of Microsoft Office, but also from the advantages of “cloud” technologies. This increases the efficiency of joint employee productivity, cuts costs, and frees up the resources necessary to achieve current and strategic business objectives.

Microsoft Azure is a cloud platform, which allows you to create, implement, and manage cloud applications within Microsoft datacenters. Azure includes a number of cloud services including solutions for analytics, data storage and processing, as well as sharing your expertise. Users can chose between services for creating and scaling of new applications or run applications in the public cloud.

Corporate email and unified communications

The Skype for Business and Microsoft Exchange Server based solution, implemented by experts at Softline, combines various forms of communication, allowing its users to chose the best option for communicating with colleagues – email, instant messages, calls and audio-video conferencing. Introduction of the unified communications platform enables integration of central office locations with remote branches into a unified infrastructure, while reducing the cost of corporate communications.

With the introduction of unified communications:

  • IT costs are reduced due to the flexibility and reliability of the system
  • Productivity Increases Owing To Instant Access To Electronic Communications Anywhere
  • Risks Are Reduced Through Information Protection And Management Means
  • Operating Costs Are Reduced By Consolidating Communication And Standardizing Technologies
  • Efficient Use Of Work Time And Employee Productivity Increases

Monitoring and management, data protection

As companies develop, increasing their number of employes and introducing new applications and services, managing the information environment becomes increasingly difficult. Softline specialists implement a variety of solutions based on the Microsoft System Center product family, that reduce the complexity of IT-management through the automation of common administrative tasks. The system for monitoring and control of IT-services allows for automated management of applications and services relying on resources of the IT-infrastructure.

Upon implementing solutions for IT-systems monitoring and management your company will receive the following principal benefits:

  • IT-infrastructure reliability management;
  • Ability To Produce Quick Inventories Of Computer Equipment
  • Remote Workstation Management
  • Remote Software Deployment And Installation Of Updates
  • Automation Of Common Administrative Tasks
  • Reduction In Downtime, Improvement Of Service Quality
  • Simplified Infrastructure Administration And Protection Of It-Systems
  • Limitation Potential Harmful Effects And Prevention Of Data Leakage
  • Provision Of Secure Access To Data And It-Resources

Customer service management

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a versatile and dynamic tool designed for the automation of customer service management, monitoring the customer life cycle, and building a process-oriented management system.

Upon implementing the customer service management system:

  • The cost of attracting new clients decreases
  • The sales cycle and cost decreases, sales pipeline becomes easy to manage, and number of closed sales goes up
  • The quality of marketing data processing improves, and calculation of roi becomes possible
  • The number of sales to existing clients improves, maintenance costs are reduced, while customer satisfaction and loyalty are increased
  • The company’s business processes become automated
  • The transparency and efficiency of enterprise management are increased

Analytical reporting management

Solutions based on Microsoft BizTalk, Power BI, and Datazen implemented by Softline, comprise a wide array of applications and technologies for gathering, storing, and analyzing data, that make it possible for corporate users to make informed decisions supported by real-time information.

With the introduction of an analytical reporting management system:

  • the quality of large information volume collection and storage is increased;
  • decision making efficiency is improved;
  • reporting is automated;
  • competitiveness is increased and the opportunity to faster respond to evolving circumstances becomes available;
  • time spent on strategic decision making and financial reporting decreases.

Portal solutions and document management

Structuring diverse information and ensuring reliable access to information for users is one of the most important challenges that IT-departments are facing. Softline company specialists implement portal solutions based on the Microsoft SharePoint Server, which include:

  • Internal corporate and extranet portals
  • Web sites
  • Document management systems
  • Microsoft fast search server based corporate search

In the course of a portal solution implementation:

  • Operational costs decrease due to the increase in the level of information provision and internal communications improvement;
  • Employees receive easy access to essential corporate information;
  • Time required for searching for information, documents and employees within the corporate network is decreased;
  • Efficiency of IT-resource management is increased by optimizing the cost of development;
  • A single point of access to corporate information is implemented;
  • Various internal business processes become automated and operational efficiency of corporate sub divisions increases;
  • Search efficiency increases via combination of relevancy and full-text or attribute value search options.

Program and project management

To streamline the project management process, Softline offers a Microsoft Project Server platform based solution, covering areas of work requiring collaboration: documentation, labor cost accounting, regulation and approval.

When implementing a project management system your company will obtain:

  • A tool for coordinating project activities showing a coherent picture of the project portfolio and secure delimitation of user access;
  • Opportunity to centrally manage project and resource management, while taking into account the interests of every team member;
  • Reduction in cost of preparing consolidated financial statements;
  • Decreased time for decision making.

Completed projects in the direction of Microsoft Solutions (1)

  • Better Internal Communication for a Healthcare Institution in Argentina

    Better Internal Communication for a Healthcare Institution in Argentina

    Softline announces the closure of the email migration project at Hospital Alemán, one of the longest-running healthcare institutions in Argentina. By implementing Office 365 and migrating email accounts to Exchange Online, users are more satisfied and this has significantly improved their productivity which is a benefit to the entire organization. The estimated productivity improvement is 20%.