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Business Intelligence and Analytics

Making Data Smarter with Business Intelligence and Analytics

Enterprises capitalizing on the value derived from big data through efficient analysis possess an obvious competitive edge - an ability to make wiser business decisions. Business intelligence (BI) solutions in data management for business decision-making help in understanding the current business metrics, in forecasting with ‘what-if’ scenario analysis, in planning and control. Businesses will find BI tools to be the solution they are seeking for transformation through internal resource efficiency and external opportunities.

The dynamics of next-generation big data workloads based on volume and velocity and complex data schemas that pose challenges in accessibility, processing and deployment indicates the need for sophisticated business intelligence and analytics decision-making tools. Softline offers customers Microsoft BI solutions available on premises and in the Microsoft Azure cloud. Microsoft’s suite of business analytics tools, Power BI, transforms and analyses before presenting visuals on a rich dashboard that can be shared throughout the organization within seconds. Robust, reusable models built using SQL Server Analysis Services on-premises and Azure Analysis Services in the cloud provide analysis and reporting consistency. Additionally, Softline also offers a wide range of BI solutions from an extensive list of established vendors, other than Microsoft, including IBM, Oracle, Qlikview, Prognoz, Datawatch and Kofax.

Benefits of BI and Analytics for your Business

Data Integration

Data originating from multiple applications and platforms or in its native form exists within mostly self-contained siloed lakes, databases and warehouses in isolation without regard to the immense value that can be generated from integration. Modern BI tools facilitates in streamlining and integrating data into a holistic framework.

Real-time Response and Decision Making

The analytic latency of legacy BI systems attributed from the segmentation of roles specialization, processes and storage formulations has been replaced by online hybrid transactional analytical processing. The real-time analytics of high volumes of transactional data offers immediate decision making capabilities within a ‘live’ operational environment.

Simplifying BI and Data Analytic Tools

The simplification of BI and Analytic tools with provision for greater decision making capabilities has enabled a greater participation from the business community. End users from business analysts to operational staff are empowered to make immediate intelligent decisions that increases resource efficiencies with a reduction in data specialists’ routine efforts towards more value-added activities.

Actionable Intelligence

A newly defined term that illustrates the power of BI tools in using the intelligence harnessed from big data for the improved strategic positioning of the business. By providing BI tools that are simple and have easy access to old legacy and new data from different locations, streams and devices, business users are able to analyze and gather intelligence that is formulated as pre-emptive, defensive and collaborative strategies. This provides a clearer picture of actions to be undertaken in terms of product, pricing, target markets and promotions.



Softline Services for Business Intelligence and Analytics



We provide the right insight into your data that will add value to your business. The consulting services include the selection of the appropriate BI technology for the integration of data from multiple sources into enterprise-level analytics platforms. Our experts have in-depth technical knowledge and relevant end-to-end professional industry experience in the design, planning and implementation of BI solutions including software, hardware and licensing requirements and selection of a right BI technology.

Data Management


We offer big data management expertise in ensuring all your data needs are administered and organized encompassing a high level of governance standards. High data quality and integrity is crucial for smart decisions, increase efficiencies and reduce resource redundancies. We will help you in managing your volume of data by standardizing, enriching and preparing for trusted insights.



We deliver industry specific proven solutions that will add value to your business within the domains of finance, sales, marketing, human resources amongst others.

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