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Easy Desktop Management with Virtualization

Desktop virtualization has become prevalent with the rising trend of cloud computing combined with the requirements for greater mobility, security and versatility in working environments. A need for easier and flexible workplace management and conversely end-users wanting greater experience has coalesced into a win-win solution for both parties.

The technology of virtual desktops has been around for more than half a century starting with multiple operating systems on a machine. The evolution of virtual technologies is continuously meeting business needs with increasing dynamism in product and services efficiencies.

Many benefits related to cost and maintenance of virtual desktop environments has made it a commercially attractive technology. As desktop operating systems execute from a data center with end-users accessing applications using thin-client devices, there is greater control and manageability applications in use as well as the whole user experience. Desktop virtualization has eased administrative functionalities while allowing for greater security levels.

Softline’s services in planning and monitoring desktop virtualization platforms ensures you benefit from the redesign of your current hardware and software desktop platforms or the upgrade of your current desktop virtualization platform. Softline will help you with an optimum solution that will increase business efficiency and reduce costs.

Benefits of Desktop Virtualization for Your Business

Instant Deployment

New workstations are deployed instantly to end users through central deployment systems. Users are able to use workstations immediately, increasing productivity and reducing time lags. Similarly, operating systems upgrades such as Windows upgrades and productivity apps can be deployed instantaneously.

Easy Accessibility

No more being tied to one device at a fixed time and place. The easy access from any device and location ensures your work is accessible all the time regardless of where you are.

Reduced Bandwidth Consumption

Based on the type of work performed by users and network topology, there is overall reduced bandwidth consumption.

Reduced Costs

Desktop virtualization lowers total cost of ownership with savings coming from amongst others, reduced hardware and software costs in provisioning, maintenance and monitoring, reduced downtime and centralized administration.

Reduced Energy Consumption

Reduced powering devices means energy conservation and reduced energy costs as a thin client VDI session will use less electricity than a desktop computer. Using VDI is a way to reduce your carbon footprint on our planet and save your company money in power costs.

Easy Management

Centralised management of virtual desktop infrastructure make it easy to manage hundreds of desktops and to really control what is being installed and used on the desktops. Deployment or upgrade of virtual desktops is lightning. Disaster recovery is immediate and reliable. Similarly, business continuity is ensured in the event of a downtime.

Better Security

The hosting of desktops on remote central servers instead of a local hard drive provides better security as data is not compromised in the event of loss. Other options include locking down the image from external devices, preventing copying data, stolen device protection.

Softline Services for Desktop Virtualization


We provide a wide range of desktop virtualization consulting services. Our experts have in-depth technical knowledge and relevant end-to-end professional industry experience in the hardware and software planning, implementation and monitoring of virtualized platforms.


Our deployment services ensure the quality of your end-user desktop experience without compromising on resource efficiency and security concerns.


Solutions suitable for your requirements with recommendations from Microsoft, VMware, Citrix, Veeam and other vendors.


This include monitoring of your desktop environment in ensuring adherence to operational compliances and SLAs and business continuity.

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