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Improving Networks with Network Virtualization

Network virtualization has become the most recommended option for the future of the networking paradigm. Besides bringing a cost-effective, flexible and secure way of intercommunication, virtualization has the power of revolutionizing networks.

Based on the similar concept of virtualization as with servers and storage, virtual networking instances are created in a layer above physical hardware and software networking components. This includes all network paraphernalia such as switches and routers. The physical network handles basic tasks such as packet forwarding whereas the virtual instances manage the complicated tasks facilitating management and deployment of networking services.

Network virtualization provides increased flexibility, security and manageability. Softline’s services in network virtualization ensure you get the most benefit from the transformation of your current networking. We plan and manage your network with an optimum solution that ensures network efficiency with reduced costs.

Benefits of Network Virtualization for Your Business


Flexibility refers to the capability to adapt to available network resources. Network virtualization provides the flexibility to deploy new configurations or to reconfigure network services fast and efficiently.


By offering an interface layer between applications and low-level networking hardware, network virtualization makes it possible to provide each “tenant” in the datacenter with its own address space, topology, and controller. This enables rapid deployment of new tenants and easy expansion of physical networking equipment pool.

Reduced Costs

Network virtualization reduces hardware costs including product costs and maintenance costs based on the reduced requirement for physical servers, routers and switches amongst others. Centralized management and routines automation help to reduce maintenance costs.

Reduced energy consumption

Reduced powering devices means not only energy conservation but also reduced energy costs. The requirement for resource costs goes down as lesser number of personnel are required for maintenance and monitoring purposes. This means employees are focused on high value-add tasks that improves productivity and business efficiency.

Better Security

The automation of virtual networks implies improved security levels as it allows for the automation of network security policies and ensures adherence of compliance standards. A big safety concern for online businesses is mitigated.

Softline Services for Network Virtualization


We provide a wide range of network virtualization consulting services. Our experts have in-depth technical knowledge and relevant end-to-end professional industry experience in the planning, implementation and monitoring of virtualized networks.


Our deployment services ensures your network system needs takes into account the need for effective security and reduction of resource costs.


Solutions suitable for your requirements with recommendations from Microsoft and third-party vendors.


This include performance analysis, capacity and configuration management and ensuring adherence to operational compliances and SLAs.  

Solution Licensing

We will advise and support you on your solution licensing needs especially third-party vendor models for networks operating in the virtual environment.

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